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Plastic Hand Gloves

Poly Glove is Low Density and perfect for food prep or cleaning. Disposable Plastic Gloves are FDA Approved and Grade A Quality, used for Medical, Food-Prep, Labs and Multi-Purpose Activity's.

Pollution Nose Musk

Prevention is better than cure! With the rapidly spreading of the Pandemic, wearing a mask is part of mandatory precautions. These face masks comes with 3-ply protection and nose clip for a comfortable fit. These masks are disposable and can be discarded after single use.

PPE Kit 95 Gsm & 70 Gsm

Deesawala Rubber Industries is one of India?s leading manufacturers of Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE Kits ) based in Hyderabad - India having customers across India and overseas. Deesawala has established itself as the integrated manufacturer and distributor for head to toe protection. All our products being delivered carry required certifications like Sitra, ISO and CE which ensures top quality An ISO certified and government-registered manufacturing unit, Deesawala?s PPE Kits consists of Face shields / Glasses, face masks, leg cover, gloves, and disposable bio hazard waste bags. Deesawala also offers a wide range of high quality safety coveralls suitable for any industry. Our PPE coveralls are waterproof or splash proof against harmful liquid chemicals commonly used in many industries. These waterproof coveralls also protect against dry particulates and are made of durable, but breathable and comfortable materials that allow ease of movement while working. Our protective coveralls are available in a wide range of colors and style, letting you meet all the safety requirements your facility needs.